1. What makes SGPD different from other teams? SGPD stands behind 9 years of experience, dedication and reputable performances. With up to 20 dancers available, last minute emergencies do not prevent SGPD from performing at your event. SGPD also offers formal contracts to our customers to ensure peace of mind and maintain our integrity by arriving on time, performing, and leaving as soon as we’re done changing.

2. Why do your team sizes vary? Parties vary in location. Most are held at banquet halls but can also be hosted at restaurants, stages, outdoors etc. which means that each location is unique and offers a different size dance floor. Therefore we offer teams of 4 dancers + 1 dholi, 6 dancers + 1 dholi or 8 dancers + 1 dholi (More dancers are available if required). More dancers may seem visually appealing, however if there is a space restriction, it may be better to go with a suitable number of dancers.

3. What experience does SGPD have? SGPD has been fortunate enough to perform at numerous types of events; from any occasion at banquet halls, to music videos, concerts, competitions, outdoor shows and even commercials.

4. Does SGPD only perform within the GTA? SGPD is available to perform outside of GTA, having previously performed in cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Windsor, Pittsburgh, Florida, Virginia and many more.

5. Does SGPD teach bhangra? Yes, SGPD is currently partnered with Virsa Foundation Arts and Cultural Academy. Our classes include Bhangra, Gidda, Dhol, Ladies Bhangra Aerobics, Mens Bhangra Aerobics lessons, Bollywood, Yoga and Acting. All ages are welcome to join and learn at our academy.

6. Is bhangra the only type of dance that SGPD offers? SGPD specializes in the dance of bhangra. We also offer collaborations with other dance team’s and styles such as dhol, bhangra, live bhangra, bollywood, break dancers and hip hop. SGPD can customize routines for any types of events, so feel free to contact our creative consultant’s to discuss possible routines.

7. Why does SGPD have a competition and entertainment team as two separate teams? Competitions require a technical routine and require a representation of the vital elements of bhangra, which is performed in front of judges. At a wedding, the guests are the judges; therefore we emphasize the entertainment aspect of bhangra by adding features such as crowd favourite songs and acrobatic moves while preserving the traditional elements as well.